2020年5月21日 (木)

【第629回】 「Every Cloud has a Silver Lining」マーク ヒーギンス (英語)

Everyone, are you genki? Are you being responsible and staying home as much as possible? Are you completing you homework? I know these times might seem a little difficult now, but at times such as these, I often think about an English expression to help relieve some of the stress that may be present in this situation. That expression is “Every Cloud has a Silver Lining”. In English, it means that after a difficult situation, there will be happy times ahead. I want you to think of those future happy times.

Every day, all the teachers at Yugakkan are working so hard to make your homework and preparing lessons for when you return. We want you to have a happy school life. We miss the morning greetings. We miss the sounds of laughter during the breaks between classes. We miss the sounds of various club activities after school. However, we understand that your safety and health are the most important thing. Until this situation is finished, we will wait with anticipation until you all return.

When this is finished and when life returns to normal, let’s all enjoy the happy times. Let’s help the economy by traveling and enjoying many restaurants. Let’s enjoy the four seasons. Let’s make new memories with our friends. Most importantly, let’s enjoy school life. Let’s greet all our friends and teachers with a bright, happy greeting. Let’s work hard in our studies and club activities. Let’s talk and play with our friends during the breaks.
Let’s enjoy life again! Let’s look for the rainbow after the storm!

皆さん、お元気ですか?責任を持ち、できる限り家にいますか?宿題と勉強は順調に進んでいますか?こういう状態は今少し難しいように見えるかもしれませんが、私がストレスの解消のために、とある英語のことわざをよく思い出します。「Every Cloud has a Silver Lining」という表現です。日本語で不幸中にも幸いがある。つまり、困難の状況の後、幸せの時が来るでしょうという意味です。私は皆にあの幸せの時について考えてほしいと思っています。



After the storm, let’s look for a rainbow!

2019年1月31日 (木)

【第564回】 It’s a Small World After Allマーク ヒーギンス (英語)

“It’s a small world”. This is a very common phrase in America and even in Japan. For me, I think it means that even though the world is very big, wherever we go, there are similar experiences that we can share. I have lived in Japan for six and a half years now and I have seen many beautiful places. Although my hometown is 11,000 kilometers away, I feel that because of the similarities we all share, wherever I go, I am never really far from home.

One of my hobbies is to travel. I have a dream to visit all 47 prefectures. So far, I have visited 39. This winter vacation, I decided to travel to Okinawa. I saw many beautiful views and ate many delicious foods. I also had the chance to meet many nice and friendly people. The people I met were like the people I have met in Ishikawa and all over Japan. I could see the similarities we share.

Soon, the third years will be graduating. Some students will go to universities outside of Ishikawa and some will stay here. Wherever you go, whatever you decide to do with your future, think of all the similar things we share and take the next big step forward. Thus, your “small world” is about to become a “big world”.